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The Hino Truck Advantage
Committed to continuously providing the best trucks in the business, Hino medium duty trucks provide it’s own custom care service, roadside assistance and five-year warranty. Hino takes the lead in the global approach to fuel consumption and hybrid technology, allowing their already top-quality trucks to go green! A part of Toyota Motor Corporation, no wonder ‘Hino’ has redefined what a truck can do.

A Rich History

Hino Trucks, a Toyota Group Company, assembles, sells, and services the most environmentally friendly lineup of Class 5-7 commercial trucks in the United States. In 2012, Hino introduced its Class 5 cab-over diesel-electric trucks making diesel-electric hybrids a viable option in the U.S. commercial truck industry for the first time. Headquartered in Novi, Michigan, Hino boasts a network of over 200 dealers nationwide committed to achieving excellence in customer service and support. Hino Trucks is the premier medium duty nameplate in the United States with a product lineup that offers the lowest total cost of ownership, superior fuel economy, unmatched reliability and maneuverability, and the most comprehensive bundle of standard features in the market. For more information, visit our internet home page at http://www.hino.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

New Hino Truck Models

238 Hino Model
With 23,000 GVW capacity, excellent engine life and warranty coverage, this truck defines what it means to be a delivery vehicle.

258LP Hino Model
Specially designed to best handle Low Profile, this easy to maneuver and highly economic truck is the preferred choice for a number of applications, particularly efficient for towing.

258ALP Hino Model
With all the benefits of a low profile model 258LP, this master of the urban road includes a unique Air Brake system that adds stability and smooth quality.

268 Hino Model
For 2014 show-Room quality, the Hino 268 is an easy pick. With a reputation of providing the lowest cost of ownership in its class, it’s sleek and powerful design conceals outstanding fuel efficiency and rugged reliability, making it an ideal truck for every job.

268A Hino Model
The Hino 268A model accommodations include some of the sharpest wheel cuts a truck can offer at 55 degrees, earning this model the 2010 ATD Truck of the Year Award.

338 Hino Model
Winner of the 2011 ATD Truck of the Year award, this 338 model raises the standard of trucking. Powerful build, sleek design and rugged durability makes this an ideal choice for everything from construction to delicate deliveries, and the fuel efficiency for low-cost-per-mile operation will have your wallet thanking you

195 Hino Model
Driving the world to a better tomorrow, the 195 is one of a series of hybrids that display technology at it’s finest. With 30% better fuel economy, this comfortable and innovative truck requires 42,350 less cedar trees per year to absorb it’s CO2 then the average truck.

195 Double Cab Hino Model
Backed with the industries leading 5 year, 175,000 mile warranty, this truck is among the leaders of innovative environmentally friendly trucks. Designed on a 19,500 lb GVW chassis to provide class-leading payload capability, the four-door, six-person double cab is redefining driver comfort. It’s worth its weight in peace of mind.

195 Hybrid Hino Model
This Diesel/Electric hybrid is one small step for medium duty trucks, one giant leap for the trucking industry. This ‘smart engine’ automatically adapts to road and driving conditions, optimizing performance and fuel economy.

195 Double Cab Hybrid Hino Model
Low cost, high durability and long-term benefits, this high-torque truck and unique engine makes Hino’s line of fuel economic trucks perform like luxury vehicles. With the 2013 debut of the Hino 195 Hybrid double cab model, save money and ride efficiently with space to accommodate the entire crew.

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