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Fleet Management

The “Need to Know” of Fleet Management

One of the greatest challenges a fleet manager can face is the ever-changing climate of the fleet management industry due to evolving technology. It takes time and experience to run a fleet at peak efficiency. Whether you have recently added medium-duty trucks to your fleet, are considering them for future growth, or are a seasoned Hino...

You Cannot Not Communicate – Advice for a Fleet Manager

You Cannot Not Communicate Advice for a Fleet Manager - 5 Simple Steps to Keeping Communications Flowing Repost of article written by Bruce Condit for FleetOwner.com Most successful fleet owners realize the importance of clear, consistent communications with employees, customers and vendors. They understand how it saves time and money because it makes operations more efficient and cost effective....

Leasing vs Owning

In today’s economy, fleet owners need to focus on the core of their business, which means a heavier emphasis on maintaining the trucks that run their everyday commerce. Trucks are a vital integration to business, yet now more then ever they have become much more complicated and much more complex to repair and maintain. That’s why...

Preventative Maintenance

Avoid Unpredictable Bumps in the Road: The Importance of Preventative Maintenance Preventative maintenance pertains to the service, repairs, inspection, and any other action taken to preserve the longevity of a vehicle. Set to minimize future problems, regular Preventative Maintenance maximizes productivity and is an important part of keeping your vehicle on the road. PM Programs can be run...

Are You in Control of Your Fleet Maintenance Costs?

Transportation Topics and our very own NationaLease are among a few of the experts publicly recognized the overwhelming cost effectiveness of leasing. An unpredictable cost when maintaining a fleet can damage business and push deadlines. Leasing a fleet, rather then owning one, cuts down on unpredictable headaches. In addition to the maintenance responsibility itself which naturally comes...

Using Social Media to “Drive” Recruiting and Retention Efforts

Using Social Media to "Drive" Recruiting and Retention Efforts Are fleets taking advantage of social networking sites to recruit new drivers and retain current ones? Facebook…Twitter…Pinterest…LinkedIn. Not so long ago, social networking sites were only accessible through desktops; now mobile devices are the primary way users connect. Here are the facts: Facebook’s 101 million US daily mobile users...