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Our Truckstars


Tell us about yourself: “My name is Jim Ravaliese. I’m the fleet manager at Peerless Beverage Co. We’re a beer distributor – one of the most fun businesses.” Which departments at HK Truck Center have you worked with? “We’ve actually worked with all departments!” What is the main concern about the care of your trucks? “Maintenance and how the guys take...

Truckstar: Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze Syrups handles fountain sodas soda systems in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. They travel far servicing everyone and have 10 trucks in the fleet along with about 20 transit connect vans. Matt Lamken, Sea Breeze’s distribution manager told us about his negative experiences with other mechanics before finding H.K. Truck...

Truckstar: Hunterdon Brewing

   Hunterdon Brewing is the largest craft distributor for the state of New Jersey, selling about 2.5 million cases per year. They are currently using the Hino XL has their retail delivery truck, meaning they fill these trucks up with beer and deliver them to retail accounts for the end consumer. “The delivery drivers love it. They say...

Truckstar Chris Moloney, President of Paratrooper Produce

 "I tried different dealerships and smaller mechanic shops and it just wasn’t working out. I’ve worked with every department. These guys take the time to talk to you. You’re not just a number, you’re not just dollar signs. They take care of everything from A to Z!" - Chris Moloney HK Truck Center is a Certified Ultimate...

Truckstar, Township of Somerville

Congratulations to the Township of Somerville for the purchase of this incredible, body-changing 2016 Hino 338 with a Henderson Plough and Hook-Lift System! "With municipalities, lots of trucks are only used a few months out of the year. With this vehicle, the way it's equipped, it can be used all year long with a multitude of different...