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Truckstar Mike SanPhilip, Edward Leske Company

Truckstar Mike SanPhilip, Edward Leske Company

Mike SanPhilip, Facilities Manager at Edward Leske Co., has worked with the H.K. Truck Center sales and service departments. They trust H.K. Truck Center with all of their repairs and service needs!

Tell us a little about yourself:
“I’m Mike SanPhilip, Facilities Manager at Edward Leske Company. We are a General Contractor based in Union, NJ. We employ carpenters, laborers, and masons. Our scope of work consists of labor contracts, demolition, all phases of carpentry, and all types of concrete and masonry.”

Which departments at HK Truck Center have you worked with?
“I have worked directly with the sales and service departments.”

What was the main concern about the care of your trucks?
“Basic maintenance, inspections, and minor repairs.”

How has HK Truck Center served you?
“HK has done all repairs and service on our trucks.”

How effective is our team in accommodating your needs?
“Your team is very accommodating.”

Which of our dedicated staff served you? Where you satisfied with their support?
“I mostly work with your service department. I believe I usually speak with Charlie and Don. I am very satisfied with the service I receive from them.”

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